Difference between CBSE and State Board – All Your Doubts Solved

Whichever might the syllabus be but your parents look at the best for their child’s future, right? CBSE and State Syllabus are totally different from each other. Before I tell you the difference between CBSE and State Board, I will just give an intro for CBSE and State Boards. CBSE is one of the Organisation which was established in the year 1962 and the First Board of Examination which was set up in India and is known as Uttar Pradesh of High School and Intermedia Education in 1921. It has been approved by The National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT). 

CBSE Vs State Board

Many of you have the doubts that CBSE or State Syllabus, which is best? I will try to solve your doubt here. CBSE Syllabus Affiliates to some of these following schools are – KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA, JAWAHAR NOVADAYA VIDYALAYA and some of the other schools which are been approved by the Central Government of India.

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)

CBSE holds for a higher level of Education as IIT, JEE whereas earlier CBSE is to conducted as AIEEE – Examination for the undergraduate courses in Engineering and Architecture. But now AIEEE has been merged with IIT – Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) in the year 2013.

CBSE is the standard way of education which is on a higher level in studies the CBSE syllabus provides you with the scientific way of education and gives you the practical implication to the related subjects. In other private schools from Delhi NCT are affiliated to the CBSE syllabus. Complete syllabus of CBSE is separated into different units and each unit has been allotted with the necessary of periods to cover up the portions of the year.

And thus, the weightage marks scored in CBSE syllabus will be added to final exams, so this method helps teachers and students to plan in a proper manner.

The differences CBSE or State Syllabus.

You have complete details of CBSE in the above paragraphs, now let’s narrate the Difference between CBSE and State Board. State Syllabus is another level of education depends on the government of the particular each State by this there will be a separate education board will be available. The State Syllabus gives you the importance’s on particularly related subjects and provides you with all the regional languages.

The main differences between CBSE and State Board Syllabus are that CBSE Syllabus provides you with an advantage of State Syllabus which will be the same all over the Nation.

And in State Board Syllabus it would be the same but for some might be a bit difficult to adapt or to adjust. And the standard of education for those who are willing to have a great knowledge surrounded by you.

And whereas it might be State Board Syllabus or CBSE Syllabus there is a great competition going on regarding education.

It might be whether CBSE Syllabus or State Board syllabus both are good in their standard of education.