KIA Cars in India -2020: Complete details & Prices List

The Power of Surprise” this is what? all about KIA.

KIA Car or KIA Motors is a Korea’s based manufacturing company that was established in 1944 and it’s known as the oldest manufacturer of motor vehicles and known for its world’s best quality and design.

Today KIA has over more than 51,000 employees all over the world and with its annual revenue of US $ 47 Billion. KIA Motors produces 3 Million of vehicles per year, and 14 manufacturing and operations of assembles in 5 countries.

Kia Cars India

Plant of KIA Cars in India – 2020

Opening a new chapter in India that is in April 2017, this was the year when KIA Motors signed an (MOU) – Memorandum of Understanding with the Andhra Pradesh State Govt of India.

KIA Cars in India has built a new manufacturing facility company in our belonging state of Andhra Pradesh in Anantapur District and this is truly an exciting time for all our Indians as all of us are eagerly waiting to start mass production of KIA Motors.  

KIA Cars in India has invested a worth of USD – 2 Billion and the manufacturing facility is been expecting to begin its production in the 2nd half of 2019.

Production of KIA Cars in India – 2020

KIA Motors is planning to produce approximately 3-Lakhs Units of KIA Cars in India per year. And the plant of the KIA Cars in Anantapur District will ensure that the production of KIA Cars in India will have a smooth provision with the world’s best quality levels and best designs. Kia car in India is going to produce its 1st SUV named SELTOS.

And Kia Motor is considering the various type of new brands to be launched in our India market every 6-9 months.

Kia cars in India – brings you a different beat of auto global industry through its beat of the music that goes through your heart. Right now, Kia Motor is manufacturing 2 different cars in India.

  1. SELTOS – the cost of this car is Rs.989,000 and this is the starting range of this car
  2. CARNIVAL – and this is the starting price of this car Rs.2,495,000

Job Opportunities in Kia Motors in India – 2020

Kia cars in India is creating a good opportunity for our Indians to join their hands with Kia Motors with an approximate of 11000 employees and its affiliates by KIA.